Curriculum Alchemist & Healer

Alchemist course


Arnaud offers two seminars as part of the Cursus de l'Alchimie, open to all, without distinction:


> Alchemy of Life : 5-day seminar: the foundations of alchemy activation and integration

of the 5 elements, balanced by the three kingdoms.


> Conscious Care : 5-day seminar: the foundations of Care

This course is intended for people who already have or intend to have a practice, for beginners

or to experienced practitioners in the field of alternative care or energy work: energy, alternative medicine, etc. This seminar aims to adjust support with conscious presence.


Curriculum Healer


In continuity, Arnaud offers specific teaching for healers through 3 seminars.


During this very specific and intense course, Arnaud activates and amplifies your own channel, your capacities of perception, and the connection to universal knowledge; during the course, it releases karma, family

and collective memories in order to fluidify and release healing capacities.


Participants are guided to a better understanding of how energy works

in different dimensions.


Through its direct channels and concrete practices, it guides participants towards autonomy,

by allowing them to abandon belief systems in favor of conscious presence.


To integrate this course, it is necessary to have completed at least one Alchemy of Life seminar,

a Just Accompaniment seminar, and participated in the day of integration into this curriculum.


The first level takes place over 5 days in residential,

The second level takes place over 12 days in residential.

The third level is a 21-day residency course.


The time required between two levels depends on the ability of each person to integrate

activations of each level. It can take from several months to several years.

In general, it takes at least one year of integration between level 1 and level 2.

Alchimiste & Guérisseur / Alchemy of Life