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Bare Hands Healers - Level 1

A path to conscious presence and autonomy
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Bare Hands Healers - Level 1

Time & Place

Oct 13, 2020, 6:00 PM – Oct 18, 2020, 3:00 PM
Pavillon Valcolor, Chemin des Amoureux 34, 1347 Le Chenit, Suisse

About the Event

Level 1 bare Hands healers with Arnaud Colin

October 13-18, 2020 in Switzerland


To integrate the Healers course with bare hands, it is necessary to have followed an Alchemy of Life seminar, a Just Accompaniment seminar and made the Integration Day (formerly called Test Day).

Information and dates for each seminar offered can be found at www.alchemy-of-life.com


The second level takes place over 12 days in residential.

The third level takes place over 21 days in residential.

The time required between two levels depends on the ability of each to integrate the activations of each level. This can take several months to several years.



Arnaud activates and amplifies your own channel, your perception capacities, and the connection to universal knowledge;

during the internship he releases karmic, family and collective memories in order to fluidify and release healing capacities.


Participants are guided to a better understanding of energy functioning in the different dimensions.

Through its direct channels and concrete exercises, it guides participants towards autonomy, by abandoning belief systems in favor of conscious presence.


This internship is residential, participants are asked to stay on site.

Limited seats


Information and registration: at the bottom of the page



Arnaud Colin is an alchemist.

He carries within him the teachings relating to the alchemy of Life, the alchemy of the five elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether, balanced by the three kingdoms: Vegetal, Mineral, Animal.


Today he accompanies groups of students all over the world and teaches them conscious presence, the alchemy of Life being the basis.


His sensitivity allows him to see and hear both the manifested and unmanifested dimensions.

Healer with bare hands, he works on the different bodies, physical and energetic, and the memories they carry.



The Alchemy of Life group:

All over the world we take action to protect the environment with:

> The implementation, research and development of processes and technologies dedicated to environmental balance.

> The establishment of workshops, schools, structures dedicated to:

> teaching permaculture

> understanding the Plant, Mineral and Animal kingdoms which are the key to supporting the living and ensuring its preservation.


All the benefits of our events are intended to support our actions around the world.

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Our partners :

Ka'Be'Zen is a wellness association for personal development in order to acquire balance between body and mind, and to have a healthier life.

"Because we often look outside for what we can find in us"



Hoseaeons is an association which aims to organize internships, conferences, interviews, exchanges, workshops, both in France and abroad for the personal development of adults, their autonomy while respecting themselves and the environment. , support for individual, collective private or public initiatives.

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