Who are we ?

The Alchemy Of Life team members

Arnaud Colin


Arnaud is an alchemist.

He carries within him the teachings relating to the alchemy of Life, the alchemy of the five elements,

Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether, balanced by the three kingdoms: Vegetal, Mineral, Animal.

Today it supports groups of students all over the world

and teaches them conscious presence, the alchemy of Life being the basis.

His sensitivity allows him to see and hear at the same time

the manifested and unmanifested dimensions.

Healer with bare hands, he works on different bodies, physical and energetic,

and the memories they carry.

Sarah Marro

Passionate about permaculture, living, close to humans, she works at all times

to provide support in the balance of being.

It offers energy care, massage and support for Being.

Karine Dutkiewicz

The evidence of the need to reconnect to the essence of who we are

to benefit from our full potentials, the desire to accompany the other emerged.

Sophrologist, Karine practices energy treatments and well-being massages.
She follows Arnaud's teachings on the Alchemy of Life

and continues with him his training as a healer.
Its Ka'Be Zen association is a partner of Alchemy of Life.

Ka-Be-Zen Association

Benoît Dutkiewicz

Practitioner and teacher in holistic therapies, energy and quantum care,

Aurotherapy and geobiology.

Benoît supports and teaches alongside Arnaud.

Aura Holistic Therapy

Séverine Golay

Séverine is a dancer of life.

Since his childhood, it is movement and rhythm that drives him.

Curious and constantly learning, she has a toolbox aimed at returning

and self-discovery. It offers intuitive lessons called "Body Connection"

and holistic care from various lessons

that she received during her last 10 years.

Myrko federico

Company manager, self-taught, curious by nature and in constant search

in all aspects of existence. Therapist, massage of the meridians, sound therapy, lithotherapy and energy treatments.

Above all an alchemist, working at refining the self and being passionate

for the interaction between Spirit and Matter.

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