Alchemy of Life Worldtour


The first edition of the Worldtour took place on 9-10-11-12 March 2018 in France, in Larzac.

For 5 years we will organize this event all around the world.

The Worldtour is a gathering organized by Alchemy of Life to promote conscious living  with creative workshops for adults and children, permaculture, alternative pedagogies, yoga, meditation, sound healing, holistic care, music and traditions of the world, conscious food.
A space to feed with preparations made in conscience from local products from organic and reasoned culture.
A space to support crafts, discover sustainable solutions to preserve the environment (water treatment ...), non-directive schools projects ...


Participation in workshops, teachings, care is free and conscious, urns will be arranged in each space for this purpose.
The profits collected are donated to the services and are intended to support the actions of environmental protection, to the various projects intended to promote non-directive pedagogies, permaculture etc.